Is Karnataka Government is inviting second Nuclear Power Plant in Coastal Karnataka ?

Reports are appearing in the news that

the Karnataka  Government is keen to establish the second Nuclear Power Plant in its coast in addition to Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant in Uttara Kannada district.

Though nuclear power plants produce cheap electricity ,constructing a plant is required around 20 square kilometers land area. To construct a plant is normally  take 6 to 7 years the life of the plant will be 40 to 80 years.One should not forget that so far eleven nuclear power plants accidents were happened in the world. 

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Be careful while shopping online!

Read the story:

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Niddodi/Kallamundkur received its first rain of 2015 

Niddodi received its much awaited  first rain today around 5 a.m for half an hour.and the temperature now dropped to 23 degree C

Annual retreat By Fr Eugine d Silva from Redemptorist Priests Alangar commenced from 1st March to Thursday 4th March 2015 ended  here at Niddodi church.. Fr Eugines preaching with humorous jokes  and live illustrations captured many hearts

Mumbai Share Market Index SENSEX

  touched  30000

Sensex in 1990 was 1027

To  see sensex journey log on

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Share Broker in Kinnigoli

JRG Securities,Opp Corporation Bank,Bus stand KInnigoli

Some of the Banks doing online share trading are

ICICi Bank,HDFC Bank,Canara Bank,State Bank of India etc


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Jaitley:Indian Budget for 2015-16

 At least 1 member of each family to have job by 2022

Total transfer to the states will be 62%

: At least 1 member of each family to have job by 2022

: Electrification of remaining 20,000 villages by 2020

: Service tax hiked to 14%

: Total wealth tax collection in the country is Rs. 1008 cr

: To curb benami transactions in property deals

: Undisclosed income to be taxed on maximum marginal rate

: New law to tackle black money

Gross tax receipts Rs. 14.49 lakh cr

: Plan 175,000 MW renewable energy by 2022

To create a senior citizens' welfare fund

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Protection from Swine Flu

These days we are reading and hearing about the spreading of H1N1 or swine flu fever.The death toll in India is around 500.Hence it is advised to go through the article

<Please click the pic

 Modis 1 lakh mega watts solar power Mission

News are going round about the Our Prime Minister Narendra Modis one lakh mega watts power producing mission since his Jan Dhan bank account opening scheme is a record one. This magnitude of solar power generation in India will make it as  number one country in the world in respect of solar energy field

Good news to coconut growers

Scientists from Kerala state particularly from MCMS Institute of Bio Science and Bio Technology Research and Developement and SCMS School of engineering and technology Kochin invented the use of coconut oil to run a truck.The trial run is  done nearly 200000 kilometers.

The fuel oil may cost about Rs 40 per liter and the milage per liter is 22 KM for light vehicles.

from 10000 coconuts 760 liters of fuel oil can be obtained in addition to 5000 Kgs of outer skin(can be used in coir mates and ropes or in mattress), 2500KGs of hard cover (can be used in Bakelite boards).1200KGs of oil cakes for cows etc, 70 liters of Glyserine(Used in soaps,medicin,cosmetics)

Tar Road from Main Road( Indira Nagar) to Manjanbail is  constructed with the MLA grant of Minister Sri Abhayachandra Jain

SpiceJet  airlines offer 5 lakhs discounted tickets

for the travel between Feb 15 to june 10,2015

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